SPELL List of Volume Titles

SPELL 36. Tudeau-Clayton, Margaret and Martin Hilpert (eds.). 2018. The Challenge of Change.

SPELL 35. Etter, Lukas and Julia Straub (eds.). 2017. American Communities: Between the Popular and the Political.

SPELL 34. Bevan Zlatar, Antoinina and Olga Timofeeva (eds.). 2017. What Is an Image in Medieval and Early Modern England?

SPELL 33. Leer, Martin and Genoveva Puskás (eds.). 2016. Economies of English.

SPELL 32. Askin, Ridvan and Philipp Schweighauser (eds.). 2015. Literature, Ethics, Morality: American Studies Perspectives.

SPELL 31. Dutton, Elisabeth and James McBain (eds.). 2015. Drama and Pedagogy in Medieval and Early Modern England.

SPELL 30. Langlotz, Andreas and Agnieszka Soltysik Monnet (eds.). 2014. Emotion, Affect, Sentiment: The Language and Aesthetics of Feeling.

SPELL 29. Ljungberg, Christina and Mario Klarer (eds.) 2013. Cultures in Conflict/ Conflicting Cultures.

SPELL 28. Falconer, Rachel and Denis Renevey (eds.). 2013. Medieval and Early Modern Literature, Science and Medicine.

SPELL 27. Kern-Stähler, Annette and David Britain (eds.). 2012. English on the Move. Mobilities in Literature and Language.

SPELL 26. Madsen, Deborah L. and Mario Klarer (eds.). 2011. The Visual Culture of Modernism.

SPELL 25. Bolens, Guillemette and Lukas Erne (eds.). 2011. Medieval and Early Modern Authorship.

SPELL 24. Junod, Karen and Didier Maillat (eds.). 2010. Performing the Self.

SPELL 23. Austenfeld, Thomas and Agnieszka Soltysik Monnet (eds.). 2009. Writing American Women.

SPELL 22. Ghose, Indira and Denis Renevey (eds). 2009. The Construction of Textual Identity in Medieval and Early Modern Literature.

SPELL 21. Heusser, Martin, Andreas Fischer and Andreas Jucker (eds.). 2008. Mediality / Intermediality.

SPELL 20. Madsen, Deborah L. (ed.). 2007. American Aesthetics.

SPELL 19. Engler, Balz, and Lucia Michalcak (eds.). 2007. Cultures in Contact.

SPELL 18. Rehder, Robert, and Patrick Vincent (eds.). 2006. American Poetry: Whitman to the Present.

SPELL 17. Spurr, David, and Cornelia Tschichold (eds.). 2005. The Space of English.

SPELL 16. Maeder, Beverly (ed.). 2003. Representing Realities. Essays on American Literature, Art and Culture.

SPELL 15. Ilmberger, Frances and Alan Robinson (eds.). 2002. Globalisation.

SPELL 14. Heusser, Martin and Gudrun Grabher (eds.). 2002. American Foundational Myths.

SPELL 13. Erne, Lukas and Guillemette Bolens (eds.). 2000. The Limits of Textuality.

SPELL 12. Gysin, Fritz (ed.). 2000. Apocalypse.

SPELL 11. Halter, Peter (ed.). 1999. Performance.

SPELL 10. Blair, John G. and Reinhold Wagnleitner (eds.). 1997. Empire: American Studies.

SPELL 9. Senn, Werner (ed.). 1996. Families.

SPELL 8. Hughes, Peter and Robert Rehder (eds.). 1996. Imprints & Re-visions: The Making of the Literary Text, 1759-1818.

SPELL 7. Fischer, Andreas (ed.). 1994. Repetition.

SPELL 6. Engler, Balz (ed.). 1992. Writing and Culture.

SPELL 5. Bridges, Margaret (ed.). 1990. On Strangeness.

SPELL 4. Forsyth, Neil (ed.). 1988. Reading Contexts.

SPELL 3. Fries, Udo (ed.). 1987. The Structure of Texts.

SPELL 2. Waswo, Richard (ed.). 1985. On Poetry and Poetics.

SPELL 1. Mortimer, Anthony (ed.). 1984. Contemporary Approaches to Narrative.

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