SPELL: Swiss Papers in English Language and Literature

SPELL: Swiss Papers in English Language and Literature

SPELL is the main publication of the Swiss Association of University Teachers of English (SAUTE). It is published by Gunter Narr, Tübingen, and also available online with a moving wall of one year: www.e-periodica.ch).

Established in 1984, it first appeared every second year and was published annually from 1994 to 2008. The new publication rhythm adopted in 2009 is that of three volumes every two years: two in 2009, one in 2010, two in 2011, one in 2012, and so on.

Every second year, SPELL publishes a representative selection of papers given at the biennial symposia organized by SAUTE. Non-symposium volumes are usually collections of papers given at other conferences organized by members of SAUTE. Decisions concerning topics and editors are made by the Annual General Meeting of SAUTE two years before the year of publication.

Volumes of SPELL contain carefully selected papers devoted to a topic of literary, linguistic and – broadly – cultural interest. All contributions are original and are subjected to external evaluation by means of a full peer-review process. Articles are usually by participants at the conferences mentioned, but the volume editors are free to accept or solicit further contributions. Papers published in SPELL are documented in the MLA International Bibliography.

SPELL is published with the financial support of the Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences.

SPELL Bibliographies (to April 2019)

An alphabetical and a chronological bibliography of all papers published in SPELL (until April 2019, and compiled by former General Editor Prof. Dr. Lukas Erne) can be downloaded in the Bibliographies subsection.

SPELL Editorial Board

Since 2016, SPELL has an editorial board consisting of academics working at Swiss universities as well as international scholars. More information on past and present members is available at www.saute.ch/en/saute/research-publications/spell-swiss-papers-in-english-language-and-literature/spell-board/

SPELL: List of Volume Titles

The list of SPELL volume titles also includes the names of the volume editors and the year of publication.

SPELL General Editor

Prof. Dr. Ina Habermann
Universität Basel
Englisches Seminar
Nadelberg 6
CH-4051 Basel

Tel. +41 22 379 70 27

General Editors: History

  • Max Nänny (1984-1994), volumes 1 to 7
  • Andreas Fischer (1995-2007), volumes 8 to 19
  • Lukas Erne (2007-2019), volumes 20 to 36
  • Ina Habermann (2019-)

SPELL Editorial Board