Becoming a Member

As a member of SAUTE you are invited to meetings and conferences; you may contribute to SAUTE and ESSE conferences; you can send and receive emails via the SAUTE Mailing List; and you receive three publications:

SPELL (Swiss Papers in Language and Literature),

ESSU (English Studies at Swiss Universities),

The ESSE Messenger.

The membership fee is currently CHF 60.– (voluntary contributions are welcome).

How to Join

SAUTE membership is open to persons teaching at a university and/or engaged in scholarly research.

If you want to join, you should submit a bionote of 250 to 350 words and a one or two-page CV to the President of SAUTE, in electronic form. Make sure that you also include a current postal and email address within the document. This dossier will be distributed to all SAUTE members for the AGM.

Please make sure that applications reach the president at least ten days before the annual meeting (c. late April/early May), when your application will be considered by the assembled members. Proposed members who have been screened by the president are traditionally invited to attend the annual meeting concerned.



Prof. Dr. Anita Auer

English Linguistics
Anthropole, office 5131
1015 Lausanne

Phone : +41 21 692 44 85
E-mail : Anita.Auer(at)