Songlines of Resurgence

05.11.2020, 10:00 - 13:00

This online workshop explores Songlines as a potential methodology for mapping Nature-based Adaptation projects.

Advancing the Sustainable Development Goals

  • 3 presentations, tracing Songlines from Indigenous Australian, Early-Modern English and Contemporary practice-based perspectives.
  • Q & A, with responses from poet-singers and Nature-based Solutions practitioners.
  • Practice-focused break-out sessions exploring how Songlines might be used to foster resurgence.

Contributors Include:

Nirmal Adhikari, David Higgins, Musonda Kapena, Jen Kirwin, Martin Leer, Pippa Marland, Gnilane Ndiaye, Sanjib Poudel, Yoann Provenzano, Ndiaga Sarr, Roy Sellars, Devimaya Subedi, Marc Sylvestre

For more information, consult the project website or download the PDF leaflet.

Funded by the Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences

In partnership with the International Rainwater Harvesting Alliance

Contact Person

Dr. Rachel Nisbet