Conference Funding

SAGW Conference Funding through SAUTE

Mem­bers can no longer directly ask for conference funding for individual projects from the SAGW. However, they have the possibility of submitting a request to their respective SAGW societies, e.g. SAUTE.

We will entertain requests for the funding of conferences from related organisations in the field of English studies (SAMEMES, SWELL, …) to be included in our own budget request under the condition that they meet the criteria stated on this page, and that we receive a detailed budget by the conference organisers by 1 January of the preceding year. The board will decide on the applications once a year, before the AGM.

Note that budget requests that are submitted in the same year as when the SAUTE conference takes place may have to be cut.


1 January for events in the following year (e.g. 1 January 2020 for 2021 events)


Proposals should be sent to the SAUTE President.

Criteria for Endorsement

Applications must meet the following requirements:

  1. The project must be relevant to English studies and of value to teachers and researchers in English language and literature
  2. If a conference or other meeting is foreseen, it must be open to SAUTE  members.
  3. The project must show evidence of application to other potential sources of funding.

Additional Criteria

  1. Scope of topic: does the project cover a sufficient range, historically or theoretically, to be of interest to more than a few SAUTE members?
  2. Disciplinary range: does the project make possible connections between English and other disciplines, or among sub-disciplines of English, such as literature and language?
  3. Is there involvement of more than one university?
  4. Does the project promise to produce written research and scholarship suitable for publication?
  5. Is the written research and scholarship intended for publication in SPELL?