Swiss Association
of University Teachers
of English (SAUTE)

SAUTE, the Swiss Association of University Teachers of English, was founded in 1947. It aims to promote and develop English studies in Switzerland. SAUTE brings together all those who take a professional interest in the academic study of English.

English Department (Zurich)

English Department

University of Zurich

Plattenstrasse 47

8032 ZurichTesteintrag Link zu Angebot



British Romanticism and Europe

05. - 08.07.2020

Keynote Speakers: Christoph Bode, Biancamaria Fontana, and Paul Hamilton

Women, Money and Markets...

10. - 12.06.2020

Fourth Annual Conference, 10-12 June 2020 - University of Zurich (UZH)

Prof. Dimiter Daphinoff's Farewell...


After serving for 34 years as Professor in the Department of English at the University of Fribourg, Prof. Dimiter Daphinoff will retire at the end of the current spring semester.


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